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The Terrace Showflat Photos

The Terrace showflat are just being uploaded! Index Design Pte Ltd has created luxurious bonding space for your new home. Similar clean modern design spans across from the living room to the kitchen, adding visual variety to space to this executive condominium.

The Terrace EC Wine Appreciation

You are invited to The Terrace EC ( Executive Condo) Wine Appreciation Talk! Time: 3PM Venue: The Terrace Showflat (along Punggol Central) RSVP @ 96914350 Now! Check out this link (The Terrace executive condo) for availability and units sold too!

Waterwoods Showflat Photos

Waterwoods showflat photos uploaded! The Waterwoods showflat exhibits the works of Suying Metropolitan Studio. Encapsulating elements of styles and immaculate finishings, this will definitely provide owners of executive condominiums ideas for their new homes!