Signature At Yishun Executive Condo and SG50

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This year is Singapore 50 years of independence. Yishun is a town that forms a part of that rich heritage. Signature at Yishun EC (executive condo) pays tribute to the rich heritage that we have achieved for the past 50 years.

The up and coming of the mega shopping centre (ie. Northpark City) and Khoo Teck Puat hospital have made Yishun an attractive place to stay. The site where this development is located, close to the reservoir and the golf course has made it even special and unique.

Signature at Yishun is designed with a strong sense of reconnecting with our rich heritage (especially Yishun) and recreating it in a creative way for the future generation.

“We have noticed that the younger generation nowadays has grown up in a disconnected and isolated environment. Therefore, we make references to the images and elements of the past that will create a community living that were once so vivid during our or our parents’ times.

Signature at Yishun recreates a place where the kids can live in the community and the nature. It is a like huge playground where every kid enjoys a wide variety of facilities that their parents have once experienced. We amplify these elements so that images of the past become vivid and impactful.”

A lot of games/events that we once very familiar like the ‘five stones”, giant swing beds, bazaar , “chapteh” , painting and many others are recreated in this condominium , expanding and enriching the childhood experience.

Signature at Yishun mission is to honour our heritage, reinterpret and reimagine these elements creating an exciting and rich living.